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About Yvonne

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My wanderlust was born when I was just two years old after my father enlisted in the military, opening doors abroad and expanding my horizons via frequent travel. This led to my befriending unforgettable trailblazers – from holocaust survivors to brilliant authors and musicians – all while acquiring the invaluable education that can be achieved only through human connection.  

My Journey

As early as preschool, I had an affinity for befriending the children others teased so they would know they were special, too. I entered the speaking circuit in high school, earning distinguished awards for striking delivery. I then went on to major in Speech Pathology to serve others who struggle to express themselves. I am a firm believer that everyone has a unique story to be told, we need only listen without judgement.

I was blessed to have met my amazing husband the first day I landed on German soil (we were aged 6 and 9 respectively). It was puppy love at first sight and a decades-long friendship between our mothers brought us full circle.


My Calling

I give personalized assistance to  women longing for peaceful, balanced lives during the pandemic using my signature New You WOW! approach to plug into power and achieve huge relationship breakthroughs.

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"Love her!! Answered all my questions. Got back with me quickly. Truly appreciate her."


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